Monday, November 30, 2009

Daisy Nov 30 2009

Daisy is a beautiful registered Appaloosa mare with a daisy on her back. She was for sale on Craigslist for $1.00(to be bought by a killer buyer?) and was rescued by her angel Diane Pini. Diane took her to NorCal and they brought her to us. Daisy has adjusted well to her blindness. She mind mapped her turnout and wanders all over with her guide horse Levi. She evens canters and bucks when the spirit moves her. Daisy is a sweet, friendly, wonderful girl who needs a sponsor.
Would you or you and a group of friends sponsor Daisy? It is tax deductible and all money goes to feed and care. Sponsorship is $150.00 per month which is $37.50 a week and $5.36 a day. If five friends go together that is only $1.07 a day per person.
Please, consider making Daisy your special New Year's resolution. Thank you, Diane. Thank you NorCal and thank you to all the kind supporters we have. Donna Kyle 530-514-1439 POBox 4129 Yankee Hill CA 95965

Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Pictures of Home At Last

Please, enjoy the beauty of the land and animals.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Visit to the Sanctuary

When you come to the Sanctuary you are greeted by the small herd with Arabians Chardonnay, Sunny, Harmony and Aurora, Quarter Horses Skittles and Breeze Summer, Brabant Jake and Morgan Cajun.
There is peace and beauty everywhere.
The upper barn has our tack and feed room, hay storage and room for 8 horses. Dancing Drum the Thoroughbred(TB) and Pilgrim Quarter Horse(QH) call this home.
The ranch is completely off grid with wind and solar power running the ranch.
The upper turnout has TBs Rico, Ruby, Hey Pedro and Chance (Naughty Nine). The boys are close and Ruby rules the roost with iron hooves. They are all gentle souls and love to be petted.
Blind Daisy and Levi have their own space as do blind Charles and Belle.
The big turnout is a United Nations of horses- Westphalian Picante, mules Lady Bug and Molly, QH Quincy, Smoke, Stoney and Warrior, Hackney Pony Sweetie Pie, Smokey Bones Rocky Mountain Horse, Paints Bobbie and Leeso, donkeys Jenny and Jessie, Kiger mustangs Stuart and Tiger Lily, Tennessee Walking Horse Star, Appaloosa Quest, TB Cash, Palomino Jesse, Arab Breeze Bay and 4 visiting horses.
The minis have a turnout of their own. Maggie B, Sugar and Posey would escape under the other fences.
The lower barn has 21 stalls and gets cozy during the stormy weather. We call it the Assisted Living Home for Tory an Anglo Arab, Braveheart the Arab and Tucker the mule. They need special food and care. Some of the others wander in for treats and loving.
Still having picture troubles. More later.
Come see us Donna 530-514-1439 POBox 4129 Yankee Hill CA 95965

Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Nov 27 2009

Computer took a break yeaterday. Will try again today. We are greatful and thankful to all those who have made Home At Last a true sanctuary for animals and people. COVE in Paradise works with disabled adults and they visit weekly. We love to have them spend time with the animals.

Molly mule and Palomino Jesse are enjoying their new sanctuary home.

Both animals and people need to be loved and there is plenty of love here to be shared. Come see us and feel the love.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Songs and Voices Nov 25 2009

Feeding time is singing time. There are songs of hope, of welcome, of demands and of thanks. The voices blend into the most beautiful songs ever heard. There are high voices, low ones, loud one, quiet ones. There are solos. duets and trios. There is percussion . There is even dancing.

Belle the mule starts the song when she shes us moving around in the house. Her voice is low and sweet. Charles adds his deep voice when the tractor starts. Then Maggie B, Sugar, and Posey add their shrill and demanding songs.

Levi and Daisy dance and use their hooves to tell us where to put their food. Sometimes they nicker, too. Donkeys Jenny Lind and Jessie Norman have their own operatic chorus. Because of an abuse injury Jenny can only Hee, not Haw.

Impatient Maggie B bangs on her gate, trying speed things along. Next, mules Tucker, Molly and Lady Bug bray their requests for food-NOW. The song ends with huge Cash's quiet whisper of thanks. The next sounds are munching, crunching and occasional squeals.

Listening to them this morning, I thought of my grandmother's words, "We have two ears, two eyes, and one mouth, so listen and watch twice as much as you talk." A friend gave me a sign that says Not all speech has value. It made me think we should use our voices for joyous occasions and to speak for those who can't.

Come see and hear us. 530-514-1439

Monday, November 23, 2009

Nov. 23 2009

Morning comes early at Home At Last. 50+ equines, 8 cats, 5 dogs and a flock of chickens and guineas are waiting to be fed. Jim loads the trailer with 4 bales of hay twice a day and then he waters while Donna feeds. Blind Daisy and her guide horse Levi are among the first to be fed.

It takes about an hour and half to feed. Then comes stall cleaning, medicating and any other chores that always need doing.

Some of the older animals do not have chewing teeth, so they need senior supplements.

Our daily feed costs are about $100.00. Can you help the horses? Call 530-514-1439

email homeatlastsanctuary@gmail,com or write to us POBox 4129 Yankee Hill Ca 95965

We love hearing from you.

A special thanks to Oroville Tractor Supply, Lin C. Mary R, Carolene D, Liz C., Brian C, and Lorie H for your continued support.
Charles is recovering with the help of his guide mule Belle.
(Still having trouble getting pictures with the writing. Help!! Please, be patient while I figure this out).

Mon Nov 23 2009 A Day at the Sanctuary

Morning comes early at Home At Last. There are 50+ equines waiting to be fed and watered as well as 7 cats, 5 dogs and a flock of chickens and guineas.

Blind Daisy and her guide horse Levi enjoy part of the 8 bales of hay we feed each day.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nov. 20 2009 Jesse and Molly

Today Jesse a beautiful cream colored gelding and Molly a lovely bay mule joined our family. Thank you NorCal for saving our wonderful new family members. Pictures tomorrow. Charles is recovering nicely from his surgery. Belle is helping him recover. The weather was blustery and the animals loved it. There was running and chasing and bucking. Some asked to go into the barn. Some wanted out. And some wanted in, then out, then in again. When it's cold everyone gets extra hay. The digesting of hay keeps the horses warm. Hay is even better than grain for warmth. We love email

Friday, November 20, 2009

Charles had his eye surgery today and is doing well. Belle his guide mule waited anxiously for him, calling all the time. When he was waking up she stood by him , her head on him. When he was awake she led him to the food and they stood side by side eating all afternoon. Charles could use some help paying for his surgery. Other news today: With the incoming storm everyone was put in the barn. It's a little crowded but they are warm and dry. There was a wild rumpus before everyone went in. Tails were flying and manes streaming. Up and down the hills they went, then headed to the barn for food and cover.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Today was vet day. Charles and Tucker needed special evaluation. Charles is a 20 year old blind Quarter Horse with uveitis. People who have had the eye problem say it's like having a hot coal in your eye. Charles' eye has been watering and he has kept it closed. It has been hurting him. We have been medicating him , but Dr. Darling felt it was time for the eye to come out. Friday is surgery day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nov. 15, 2009

Hoped to have more pictures, but no way today. The sanctuary had many visitors . We love to have folks come to meet the critters. Aaron the farrier was here, too, to trim a few hooves. The cool weather makes everyone frisky and there was a lot of romping, especially at dinnertime. Tomorrow the vet comes to evaluate Charles' eye. Charles is totally blind, but his eye is causing him great pain. The eye will probably have to be removed. Will work on my computer skills and maybe there will be pictures tomorrow.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Nov. 13, 2009

This is Donna Kyle with my first post. Granddaughter Beth is taking Tiger Lily and Chance home from NorCal Equine Rescue. This makes numbers 24 and 25 NorCal horses living at Home At Last now.

Jason and Tawnee At NorCal have helped with this blog. I'm excited and grateful for their help and looking forward to sharing more with you.

Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to the Home at Last Sanctuary Blog. This blog is brand new, but we will be writing new posts as we have time and we figure it all out. Thank you to Jason and Tawnee at NorCal Equine Rescue for helping us figure out how to work everything.