Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Goat House, Chico and Sponsorships

Jim has been working on the goat house. Goats don't like to get wet so they will have a snuggy house for the winter time. He made sure the floor was level and will insulate it to keep them warm. The insulation will be out of their reach and will be goat safe if they do find it and eat it. They will have a small pen for rainy days and can go to their bigger pen when the weather is nicer.

After morning chores were done it was off to Yankee Hill Hardware Store, Post Office, Feed Store and Deli to get the mail.

Said "Hello" to the dogs in the next car.

This is what Home At Last looks like from Hiway 70. We've been called the crazy old horse couple on the hill. Has a nice ring to it, huh?

Declining enrollment in the local schools has forced the closure of many small schools. What a shame. Little schools have so much to offer. I taught in a three room school in Stirling City. We had a great time and the kids really had a good learning experience.

The Barry Kirshner Foundation is moving near us. They have lions, tigers and other unwanted exotic animals. The grounds will be open to the public when they get moved in.

The area we live in is called the Chico Monocline. The land is so dry now. It's as if everything is holding its breath until the rain comes. The grass, trees, leaves and even the air is arid and crackly. The 100 degree plus weather does not help a bit.

I love the open spaces. No city girl here.

In Chico I went to the Cancer Center for a check-up. Get to get off one pill and only have 5 months left on the other. All is well. The folks there are so caring and knowledgeable. Thanks, Elke.

The animals we have at Home At last are at their final home. There will be no adoptions, no other homes. We are not exciting but we are peaceful. We aren't fancy, but we are professional, caring and loving. We have to make the hard end of life decisions, but we do it because it is all about the horses. It is not about us and our feelings.


Jesse is a 30+ year old Palomino Anglo-Arab. He had been a lesson horse. He has a sweet gentle nature and loves to be groomed. Jesse needs a sponsor. Can you help Jesse have a good retirement here at Home At Last? Partial sponsorships are welcome. Jesse thanks you.

Jesse's pasture mates are Breeze Bay( front) and Cash. Breeze Bay is an Arabian mare in her late teens. She lost an eye in an accident. Her grandmother was Bint Sahara a famous Arabian mare from Cal Poly, Pomona, where Jim and I went to school. Breezy has a great zest for living. She races around before every meal calling loudly to remind us not to forget her. She was a guide horse for Happy the Appy for years. After Happy died we introduced her to Charles, but Breeze said, "No thanks. Been there. Done that." She wouldn't be his guide. Now she shares her area with Cash and Jesse and they are a happy trio. Would you like to sponsor a beautiful Arabian mare? If so, Breeze is the girl for you.
Cash is the third member of the joyful trio. He is an older Thoroughbred - in his 20's. He is huge and looks like the old time race horses. He has a large rump and long neck and canters around with Breeze at meal time. He used to be afraid to come out of the stall and he did NOT like to be touched. The first time we tried to put him in a pasture Jim led him and I was behind with a broom encouraging him to the gate. We got to the gate and he took one look at the great outdoors and turned to the barn leaving us behind. Now he loves to be out and be with his herd. He a wonderful boy who has had the opportunity to learn how to be a horse. If you have ever admired the great racing horses here is your chance to sponsor one.

Levi is a character. He is very charismatic and if he sees a camera he wants to be in the picture. He loves people and takes every opportunity to have folks love and admire him. He can buck better than any rodeo horse and shows us his skills often, racing and bucking and twisting all at once. He has "calf knees" and was going to slaughter because he was deemed unfit for riding. He took at once to being Daisy's guide. He is very gentle with her. He knows she cannot see. You should see them both racing around their turnout at top speed. He never bites nor kicks her. Today while I was watering he held the hose in his mouth for quite a while. Thanks, Levi. You are a great help. Levi deserves to have a sponsor. Are you the one?

Daisy is a blind Appaloosa mare in her 20's. She is beautiful and loves her Levi. She has mind mapped her turn out and will race around at top speed, swerving around the trees at the last minute. She is very sweet and has a "daisy" on her back.
Appaloosa have been bred for color and on their color gene is an eye defect. Many Appys are blind or have eye problems. Uveitis used to be called "moon blindness." It is very painful . Daisy has lost her sight, but is not in pain. Daisy is waiting to be sponsored. Could you help feed this brave, beautiful blind girl?

Tomorrow this computer is going in for a check-up with Ron Massey at Butte Web Design. She may be there for a few days so if there is no blog you will know SAL the computer is being fixed. Give Ron a call at 530-532-2815 or go to www. BUTTEWEBDESIGN.com He does a great job.
Thank you for considering a sponsorship for a horse or two. it will be a much needed help.
If you need to get a hold of me 530-514-1439 or 530-514-0105
Cash, Jesse, Levi and Daisy were all rescued by NorCal Equine Rescue, then taken by Home At Last. Breeze was privately surrendered.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Many folks believe that Home At Last is funded or underwritten by the government. It is not. Home At Last exists only through your generous donations and sponsorships of the animals. We are recognized as a charitable organization and are a non-profit. (We don't know what the word profit means. There is always more going out than coming in.) We have no paid staff. Jim and I do not receive any monetary benefit from Home At Last. In fact it is our savings that make up the difference each month in the cost of running Home At Last.
Some of our animals are sponsored. There are caring people who want to help the horses. 10 of our animals are fully sponsored. Three are partially sponsored. The rest are not sponsored. That means over 40 horses, donkeys or mules need your help. A full sponsorship is $150.00 a month. There are partial sponsorships of any amount you wish to send.

Callie is a lovely mule- age 35-100 according to Dr Darling. Callie does not have enough teeth left to be more accurate. She has a large broken front knee that causes her to limp, but she does not seem to be in pain. A broken tooth was pulled when she first came. She loves her ears to be rubbed and will stand all day if someone will scratch her ears, neck or back. She is a bay, about 13.2 hands tall. She's very boxy and looks to be like a small draft mix. Callie needs a sponsor. Are you the one who will make Callie your special girl?

Babe is a Pony of the Americas. She's a beautiful red Appaloosa with a sparkly personality. She is a squealer and likes to push her buddy Lacey around. She's an older girl about 13 hands tall. She had the strangles and lost quite a bit of weight. She and Lacey are in the lower barn for a while to get some extra calories. Babe was a barrel racer in her youth. She and granddaughter Beth had several lovely times together. Is Babe your special horse?

Smoke is a registered Quarter Horse who had some mistreatment. He was lame and very afraid of being hit. He turned his rump to us all the time. That is usually a sign of aggression , but for Smoke it was a way to keep from getting hit in the front. Now he turns his rump because he knows he'll get a good bottom scratch. He is still a little afraid but once he is caught he is a gentle good boy. He is a sorrel and is an outstanding horse. Could you find it in your heart to help sponsor Smoke?

Jake is a PMU rescue. He's a Brabant Belgian, a red roan. He was rescued by Animali in Santa Maria who brought him down from Canada. He is truly a gentle giant. He's, also, camera shy. He's only 6 and weighs about 1400 pounds. He's ready to be trained. Draft horses need a little longer to mature before starting training. Is your heart big enough to hold Jake?

We have had Quincy for almost 6 years. He was so badly beaten that he just cannot trust people. He will come up and touch your hand and occasionally will let someone pet him. He loves to run and when he does his tail is held high over his back. He's very fast and beautiful. Can you take Quincy into your heart and help sponsor him?

Jim is busy building a winter goat house. He's going to build a jungle gym for them, too. When he finishes that, he'll start the calf castle and new horse shelters. We can use many more shelters or building materials for shelters. Let is know if you have something we can use.
Thank you Misty and Sequoia for your donation.
Boy, is it hot!!!! We are up early, trying to get the chores done before it hits 100 degrees.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Volunteers and Real Cow Girls

The morning started as it always does with Jonathan awaiting his breakfast.

Moon Dancer had a big Hello. Isn't she a beauty? And she loves her Frankie.

Frankie's surgery is almost completely healed. He still has a neck wrap to keep away the flies. Doesn't he look cute with his ear sticking out of his fly mask?

What a beautiful and loving pair.

Load up, Zoe. Time to feed.

The ride to the lower well is always peaceful. It's so much cooler down here.

I love it down here. So do the wild turkeys. They sleep in the trees except when they have their young.

Dobbin always follows the tractor because he knows if he gets far enough away from the others I'll give him some grain and beet pulp. Yummy!!! Someone once told me donkeys don't canter. They never saw Dobbin chase the tractor.

Look at the happy herd. Every one is healthy now. The thin ones are putting on their weight again. No coughs, sneezes or wheezes.

Eat up, critters. Winter is coming. You wouldn't know it though with the 90+ degrees days.

What a way to start the day!!!

Old Jonathan meandered around and finally made it to his favorite daytime spot.

Stoney starts with the feeding of the upper herd, but meets me at the lower barn in hopes of some grain. He is one sweet boy.

It wasn't too long after feeding that the day got busy with our wonderful volunteers. Today Laura, Tina, Leah, Carly, Jenny and her friend Crimson came.

Jenny and Callie shared a special time together.

Stuart came for some lovin'. Tina, Crimson, Carly and Leah were there for him.

Jenny got to love him, too.

Tucker wanted some attention.

Please, Laura, more pets.

Charles has put on so much weight. Doesn't he look great?

Lexi has put on weight, too. She loves the volunteers to brush her.

Gracie tolerates people unless they have treats. Then she can be very friendly.

OK, so what makes a real cowgirl? Girls and cows , right? So here are two really for real cowgirls.
Leah tries out Banjoe for his first ride and her first cow ride.

Carly is haltering Julian.

Quest says, "Whatever you are doing, leave me out."

Bobbie thinks calves are silly creatures. She's telling Banjoe how to carry a rider.

Come on, Julian. Get by the fence so Carly can get on.

Over here, Julian. Wait for me.

Easy does it.

All right!!! Let's go for a ride.

Camelot Equestrian Park's Ride and Dine is October 16. I wonder if the calves will be ready for a long ride? Even if the calves aren't, we'll be there. See you then. Call and make your reservation.
Our volunteers- we love them. Thanks, everybody.
Thank you Holley Y and Graham P for your donations.
Thank you, Dina F and Christina F for your donations.
Dunny's leg is looking better.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Juan, Aaron, Dunny and Jim

Yesterday I slipped into Sacramento for an evening with friend Katie. We had dinner, then talked most of the night. "Go and have fun," said Jim. I think he meant it when he said it. We did have fun, but Jim had all the excitement.
Aaron and Amy came to fit Juan with a new shoe. Remember Juan's foot when he could only walk on top of the hoof? Well, his shoes have been working well, stretching the tendon and helping Juan have a more natural step.

Aaron is a shoeing genius. He can see what the animal needs then make it.

Farrier work is not easy.

It takes a lot of skill.

Would you look at that shoe? No store bought off the rack shoes for Juan. He wears especially made footwear. There is a purpose for every piece of metal.

Juan is a patient boy. He knows Aaron is helping him. Neither Aaron nor Dr D had ever attempted to repair a deformed foot like this. Good job!!!!!

Heel Toe Heel Toe Point. Juan could join the River Dance Troupe.

His foot is approaching normal.

Off he goes. Because the tendon is stretching Juan gets a little Bute now and then if he gets sore. Look at him move.

Not only did I miss yesterday's foot care, but this morning Jim found a dead raccoon and a bloody Keecha dog. Keecha is OK but will get some antibiotics for a few days. Mac was guarding the "dead thing" and did not want Jim to have it.
Wait!!! There's more that I missed. This afternoon while I was having lunch with Holley in Gridley on the way back from Sac, Jim found a handsome young man at our gate. It was Ross Field from Channel 12, 24 and CWten10 to do a story on Home At Last. He did a great job. You can view it ActionNews Chico Ca then Home At Last. I'll try to get it on the blog and Facebook tomorrow.
We have already had a donation of one ton of hay. Thank you Mary and Dave at TJ Farms. Starting October 3 they are opening their pumpkin patch at 3600 Chico Avenue 3 miles west of Chico. There is no admission or parking charge. They supply the wagon and snippers. You cut your own pumpkin, then pay for it. Visit them and tell them Home At Last sent you.
Dunny has not had an abscess open yet, so his poor leg is still swollen. He's eating and drinking lots. That's good.
Just when I felt I had missed all the fun this beautiful basket of tomatoes appeared . We even have purple ones. They all are so sweet and delicious. They make a meal by themselves.

Well, I'll try to stick around for a few days. Can't let Jim have all the fun (though I had a great time with Katie and Holley).
Thanks Action News. You did a fine job. We really appreciate it.