Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday January 31 2010

It's morning and time to do the chores.
Zoe is ready to feed.

CoralBelle the Tractor is ready to feed. The trailer is NOT ready to feed.

Jim has to reload

While Dancer watches

One bale of hay at a time is going to take a long time to feed.

Levi is hungry and lets us know we are too slow

. Poor Jim has to load another bale once again

The bale is put higher up this time.

The trailer finally gets some new chains and we are off to feed

. After the delay everyone is really hungry.

Everything was beautiful today

. The blue sky

. The tree stump

The old Halloween pumpkin and

Especially Jake's rump.

Thank you Helen A for coming out to spend time with the animals. Stoney, Leeso, Maggie B, Sugar and Posey really enjoyed it.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's Worth It Sat Jan. 30 2010

Most of the days at the ranch have a peaceful rhythm and pace. Before the sun is up the calves are bottle fed and turned out to graze if the weather is calf friendly. Then fed mid day and again at night. Then it is time for Jim to load 4 bales for the morning feeding (and later 4 for the evening feeding). While he is doing that I am filling pails with grain, supplements and medicines.

First come Pilgrim and Dancer.
Then come Levi and Daisy.

It's up the hill, hand carrying the flakes to Chance, Rico, and Pedro. Ruby is taking some time away from the boys while her abcess heals


Around the corner to Belle and Charles' temporary pen.

Toward the front and up a little hill is another part of the big herd. Today Aurora, Chardonnay, Sunny, Harmony, and Jenny and Jessie were waiting. Usually Cajun and Breeze Summer are there, but not today.

Posey , Maggie, and Sugar are next.

Turn around again and back to the side herd and big barn . There are still a few horses in the barn until we can build new pens.

If I remember to turn on the water by Chance and friends then I can water while I feed. If not it's back up the hill, turn on the water, and back down the hill.

While feeding and watering we do a well-being check on everyone. Who is where? Who is eating with whom . Are there new injuries? What is their body condition? Do they have hoof needs?

It may not seem like much, but it usually takes an hour and a half each morning and evening. In the winter we also dig trenches to let the water drain, move muck, mend fences, move hoses, manage batteries and the energy sources.. There is always hay and feed to be moved and stored.

Is it worth it? A thousand times yes. There is the peace, the beauty, the love and the sense of purpose that we feel daily. There are kind, gentle hopeful faces greeting us every day. There is the knowledge that many of these wonderful animals would have been slaughtered if they had not come here. There is a comfort in knowing they will have a good life and a good end to their life. It is definately worth it.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Please, enjoy Fri. Jan 29 2010

Foreclosures have forced many people out of their homes. Unfortunately, their animals are often left behind. Thank you to those who support rescues, and thank you to those who love and care for your pets. Please, enjoy a few of my favorite pictures.

Please, give all your pets a hug today, and be glad they are in your life.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wed Jan 27 2010 Glorious Sunshine

Sun Glorious Sun
Everyone at Home At Last was glad to see the sun today. Daisy and Levi ate in the warmth. All of the animals stretched their legs and made use of the wonderful weather.

Even the moon was glad to see the sun.

Smokey the Rocky Mountain Horse is waiting for breakfast.

Braveheart and Jesse are glad to be in their turnout, enjoying the sun.

Everyone loves that blue, cloudless sky.

Little Grace took time to have a lovely mudbath before dinner.

Lexi didn't roll, but enjoyed having 1/2 the barn to romp in.

Rico and Ruby have become mealtime friends

The final check of the day was to see how Ruby's sore foot is doing. If she isn't better the farrier and vet will do an evaluation. It could be from a kick, or stone bruise, or abcess. We'll check again first thing tomorrow.

. The sun setting was breathtaking.

Today ended as beautifully as it started.