Sunday, October 31, 2010

Volunteers, Miss Pickles and A Pig, Please

When blog writing starts, Patches climbs in his box next to the printer and computer and patiently waits for some pets. He's getting a rather large belly.

Our wonderful volunteers came today. Gracie fed Lexi some hay. We noticed that Lexi has a huge swelling on her neck. It doesn't seem like an abscess. It's not hot nor sore, but very hard. Will have Dr. Darling check it on his next visit. Lexi is eating well and is lively. She got to be out for a while today. Then Levi II was lonesome with out her so she went back in the barn.

Tina and Leah met Marnie then headed off down the hill.

Marnie demanded more attention first. He's a lovely, if fickle, boy. First Jake, then Brandie, then Tess. He is making friends all over the place.

Carly decided Lucky needed grooming. Lucky loves the kids, and is afraid of adults.

Brian spent some quality time with Callie. Callie now dumps all buckets looking for grain.

Look at what our hard working crew did. Thanks, Lindsey and Ron. Four stalls mucked and cleaned and ready for Larry Wilson and the worm farm.

Lindsey, Ron and daughter Jade, are faithful and super hard working. It's because of good people Home At Last succeeds.

Marti and granddaughter Gracie are always welcome. They spent time grooming horses. The horses love it.

We had a new visitor today. Miss Pickles came to see what her person Laura does on Sundays. Keecha and Mac welcome her to Home At Last.

Miss Pickles and Laura groomed Sparkle.

Miss Pickles then met Gracie, Lexi and Marti. Hey, Girls. Aren't I cute?

Next came a hello to Emily and Jade.

Belle was most interested in the fluffy little brown thing. We have to be very careful of dogs getting in with the mules and donkeys.

Lucky wanted a close up. What is that???? Miss Pickles stayed out of nibbling range.

After a hard day of making friends Miss Pickles found a perfect spot to relax.

There, Mom. I'm ready for a nap. Do you like my bed?

The sky provided us with a spooktacular Halloween sunset.

There are three darling pot belly pigs who need homes-2 boys- 1 girl. They are 5 months old, house broken and need a loving forever home.
If you can find room in your heart and your house please, call Nancy 530-534-3079. We'd take them but our dogs are not pig friendly.
Thank you Carolene for your donation.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Drizzle Fizzle

Computer is being weird so I'll make this quick. Only a drizzle today, but love the cool weather. New critters settling in and injured girls are doing well. Some of the barned Thoroughbreds are most unhappy about being inside. Out they go tomorrow.
The horse world is filled with amazingly good people. Yes, there are some rottens ones out there, but for the most part the good ones are worth knowing. Find the keepers and keep them. Throw away the bad ones and don't look back. Thanks to all of you who make Home At Last a good place for horses.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Who's New?

This afternoon we sat at the side of the house watching the beautiful clouds- waiting for the rain

Mac found some hay and made a snuggly bed.

Zoe and Jim cuddled.

Love lay at my feet- maybe dreaming about catching a mouse.

Keecha and Jim had a visit.

Then a trailer pulled in. Who could it be?

The dogs ran out to greet the newcomer.

Who ever it is he has a big bottom.

The horses gathered at the corner to greet their new friend.

Marnie is here!!!!

He was so glad to get out of the trailer and meet his new herd.

He is an 8 year old off the track Thoroughbred who has some issues when being ridden. Isn't he magnificent? He doesn't have to worry about riders any more.

He did some wonderful dressage steps to show his new friends. Jake really likes him.

Everyone came to say Hello.

Marnie could not believe Tucker's long ears. Tucker could not believe there was another horse he had to show who is boss.

Long ears rule and don't you forget it, says Tucker

Jake and Marnie played knees, and gave many neck hugs to each other. Marnie seemed to feel right at home. He loved the big turnout and all the horses.

Marnie didn't eat for quite a while. He just wanted to watch his herd and wander about.

He watched the trailer leave, but was glad to stay at Home At Last. Thank you, Maurya, for sharing him with us.

Remember Sunday is volunteer and visitor day- 10-2. The rain should be over and we can get those messy stalls cleaned.
We'll move all the barned horses out and prepare for a sunny week.
The girls are doing well . Their wounds are healing. Levi II is happy and Jackson is spending most of his days just dozing. He nibbles a little here and there and is glad to have Juan as a buddy. Sparkle wears his blanket when it is cold. He's gaining weight daily.
Jonathan, Jane and Callie roam the yard at will and Dobbin has his Jenny and Jessie.
Thank you, Maurya, for your donation.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Two Days' Worth.

Yesterday started like any other. First chores- feeding and watering. Then off to get some hay. When we got home I went to help a new horse owner learn to put on a blanket. Her horse is where ours were at "Summer Camp."
Here's where things got bad. My horses looked at the blanketed horse and took off at a run. The blanketed horse thought it looked like a good time to romp so off she went. Soon the romp turned into a panicked run and the horses went crashing through the brush and fences.
Two of mine had cuts and tears bad enough they required the vet to come and stitch them.
Of course, I blame myself. All the years of horse owning I did not expect the panic to a blanket. All our horses have been around blanketed horses before. The new owner was stunned. She had not ever seen what 4 rampaging horses could do.
As a long time horse owner I should have known anything any time can cause trouble. The new owner learned that.
We brought the girls home today. They seem to be fine. They will stay in the barn during this next storm and until their stitches have healed.
Aaron and Amy came today and helped with getting things ready for this storm. They moved horses into the barns and finished the tractor.
Yesterday for a few minutes things were fine. Here's what I should have done. Put the blanket on the horse. Watched the reaction of my horses to the blanket. When I saw their concern I should have removed the blanket from the horse before letting her go.
I should have been prepared for a disaster and I wasn't. (Obviously this is really bothering me).
New Levi is settling in nicely and he has decided Lucky is NOT friendly. He moved down near Rosie and had a more pleasant reception.
Most of the "oldies" are in awaiting this next storm. Maybe pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two Days Worth

Went to bed last night and was almost asleep when I realized I had forgotten the blog. That's what happens when you move horses, chase escaped horses-Levi and Pedro- and move one happy Wild Bill in with the Standardbreds.
Doesn't this cloud look like a rabbit?

Wild Bill is now a happy mule.

Everyone is happy with the sunshine.

This is the first mud picture of the year.

Today I took friend Anna to the Sacramento Airport. On the way home the egrets and hawks were by the roadside looking so regal. There were less egrets and more hawks than usual.
When I got home Amy was sweeping the house (bless her heart) and Aaron and Jim were working on the tractor.
Then Martin and Adriana came to dig a ditch to drain the barn water.

Coral Belle the tractor will soon be ready to go.
Thanks, fellas.

Hey, Martin. Thanks, again for your hard work.

Adrianna and Amy are the supervisors.

The garden is officially done.

Late in the day a trailer pulled in.

Who's there? Whoever it is, it has spots.

It's Levi II, a beautiful pony who we had promised to take months ago before we had the strangles outbreak. He came all the way from So Calif.

Levi II is so happy to be Home At Last.

He has some leg issues and can't be ridden but not to worry. He only has to enjoy life here.

He settled right in between Lucky and Cricket and Lexi and Gracie. I thought he might be a buddy for Gracie, but Lexi said, "Dibs on the handsome boy." I think he'll fit right in. Thank you Ruthie and Gary for bringing him and Christina for sharing him with us.
In the summertime we had flies. In the wintertime we have mud. It's Fall and we have mud and very clean flies.