Saturday, July 31, 2010


We have a family saying that life is like a clock. 12:00 is good 3:00 not so good 6:00 bad 9:00 not so bad and then you're back at 12:00 again. Right now life is 12:00 for us. For some of our friends and family life may be at the other times, but it will get back to 12:00. It's easier to deal with the 3:00 and 6:00 knowing that the old hand sweeps around. Enjoy the good, work through the bad and be ready for the good again. Hang in their , friends. It will get better.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Friends and supporters Margaret, Jean and Dan came to lunch today. We had a good visit and they got to meet the newest critters. What would life be without good friends?
Frankie has had a great time rubbing and destroying the bandaging the vet did. He gets a shot daily and antibiotics in pill form twice a day. He is a brave and good boy. And a rascal!!!This is the back of the lower barn . Since we live on a rock a pad had to be developed to put the barn on. Like the upper barn we didn't know about the springs that formed in the rain. It can get quite gooey in the winter months. Now it is dry and the horses have fun romping up and down. Sometimes when I feed, a whole big group comes thundering out of the barn, down the hill and over to the fence.

Quest is a wonderful horse. He was my riding horse. Since having chemo my legs aren't strong so I can't lift myself into a saddle. I'd have to get on the back of the pick-up and lower myself onto Quest's back. I'd touch his side three times and he's cow kick the tires three times and then we'd be ready for a nice ride. It makes me sad to see Quest getting old and having a hard time keeping his weight. We've done everything we can, but we can't stop time. I love this old boy.

The sun seemed to be asking for its picture to be taken.

This is the front of the lower barn. You can see Rosie peeking around waiting for her food. She gets Bute twice a day to help her very tender feet. Her appetite is good , but she definitely has pain. We will have to check her quality of life daily.
Jenny eats at the lower well then greets me at the barn. She knows there is grain being passed around and she wants to be available in case there is some left

Back toward the house and the upper barn is a pretty view. Horses, horses everywhere.

Breeze Bay, Jesse and Cash have made themselves a nice little herd. They all get along and eat alone or with each other.
Remember Cash was the off track Thoroughbred who didn't know what it was like to be with other horses. It took him many months to become a horse again. Maybe that's one of the best things about Home At Last. All the horses- highly trained, abused, raced, shown, well-loved- all get the opportunity to be what they are- horses. They get to be loved, fed and be part of a herd.

Jonathan has been badly influenced by Dobbin. Jonathan did not eat the garden until Dobbin introduced him to the delicious delights.

Several times a day we have to encourage the boys to dine elsewhere. You can't hide behind the truck, Dobbin. I know you are waiting for a chance to nibble my roses.

My poor garden is under attack again.

Dobbin thought he might try some of the dogs' food, but Keecha said NO.

The sun set over the horses and I called it a night. Dobbin and Jonathan, STAY OUT OF MY GARDEN or you'll find yourself in jail with Gracie.
Jessica has a gelding who needs a home. He's 16, but lame. He would make a wonderful pasture buddy. If you can help Jessica please call 661-702-9055.
Folks, we all have to work together to help the horses who can no longer work. They deserve a good and peaceful retirement.
Thank you.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

This 'N' That

Today was a day that caused me to think about a lot of different things. As I was swatting flies I remembered the mud last winter and how I fussed about it. A little rain and mud now would be nice. I'm all in favor of moving summer to wintertime when it is a little cooler. Then we could move winter to spring and.....

Leeso and Lady Bug reminded me of why we became a sanctuary. Leeso has a back deformity that makes him unrideable- for adults anyway. He was going to be slaughtered. His former owner didn't care that he was a wonderful, beautiful colt- only that he was deformed. He was expendable. He will be trained here. Should something happen to us he will have a future.
He has many friends and is an easy gentle colt. This year he is 3. He's still a little spooky, but will gentle down easily.
Lady Bug is afraid of people. I don't know her story, but she obviously has been mistreated. She is a sweet gaited mule.

Last Spring Quincy and Babe were inseparable. Now Quincy has moved on to Tiger Lily and Babe is second best. It reminded me that things change, people come in and out of our lives and we have to be ready to change and grow and become the best we can no matter what.
Fiesty and Princess accepted Patches as a family member. They love him, play with him and treat him as though he has always been here. We should be so kind and accepting to others, too.

Skittles is a loner but a vital part of the herd. She doesn't need anyone too close (although she and Brandi were grooming each other this morning) but she is a part of the group. There is a lesson there, too.

It was a busy phone and email day. Two more horses need homes . We are bursting with 61 and 2 more expected. Randy has a mare that can be a pasture buddy. She is not good to ride. Randy cares very much about this horse, but needs to find a safe caring place for her. If you can help Randy please call him at 530-823-7489.
Also, had a call from a wonderful woman who is going to volunteer. Welcome, Amalia, to the Home At Last family.
Last thought-Flies. I don't like them. I try to be loving to all creature but flies, mosquitoes and centipedes try my patience. I like millipedes, but centipedes are threatening. Back to flies. I think they are thinking creatures who intentionally try to "bug" us. Today as I was swatting my daily 300, I know I heard them laughing. "She thinks by swatting a few of us we'll go away. Ha." "She thinks she'll make a difference in our numbers. Ha." "Watch her swing. Missed me. Ha."
There is no spray, no amount of fly predators, no amount of pennies in a baggie filled with water that will make these creepy creatures disappear.
I guess I'm ready for winter and rain and mud. At least there are no flies in the Winter.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Holley, Dr. D and Frankie

Having good friends is one of the nicest things in the world. Holley has been my friend since high school. I've known her longer than I've known Jim -we figured about 50 years. She is a great supporter of Home At Last and of us. She and Jim are trying to figure out how to get the straps straight for the load of hay.Zoe made sure Holley feels welcome and Jonathan came to say Hi. He said You can look, but don't touch.

Dobbin, however, said Touch as much as you want.

Frankie rubbed out his stitches and Dr D had to come to fix him.

Friend Dale visited about the time the vet came. Kate is Dr D's new assistant.
Smile everyone.

Here's Dobbin right in the middle of everything. Pet me. Pet me.

Please, Kate. Pet me some more.
Frankie's neck was better than we thought. No stitches needed. Just a clean-up, a new wrap, and a shot.

Hold still, big boy. Almost done.

Just a little more cleaning up to do.


Lots of wrapping and padding.
Finally the neck wrap is put back on. It seems to work really well.
Good boy, Frankie.
The first thing Frankie did was to look for Moon Dancer, then for cookies.
All's well with the world again.

On to the evening's chores. It was a great day!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Short Blog

It was a very busy day doing not much different from other days. But this evening was special. Dobbin went to Jim for some love. Later he came to me for a good grooming. Then Jim and I sat on the back of the empty hay trailer and Dobbin came over for a pet. Dobbin nuzzled closer and closer until I could pet him continually. He seems to really be happy here. Every time I stopped petting him he turned his head and moved even closer.
Jim and I agree that there is nothing else in the world that gives us the pleasure and peace that we get from the animals who share our lives.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Last night after I fed but before I went to bed I looked out to see Jonathan trying to visit with Dobbin. Dobbin stayed about 6 feet a head of Jonathan and round and round the calf pen they went. Last I saw of them Dobbin was heading up the hill with Jonathan close on his heels. This morning they decided to eat their grain in close proximity, but this afternoon found Jonathan under the horse trailer and Dobbin by the tree near the house. We'll see what dinnertime brings.
Dobbin is a sweet bot who enjoys a good scratching. His tail is much fuller and hairier than any of the other donkeys. His hair is longer and very soft.

Rosie couldn't get enough to eat. She ate and ate yesterday and was ready for breakfast this morning.
Cricket is not so frightened any more. Sometimes we can even give her little pets.

Lucky continues to be the boss. Let Jake or Pico or Quincy come near and he bares his teeth and chases them away. He's OK with people, even letting us pet him.

Rosie's poor tail was rubbed raw.

A little SWAT will help it heal.
Rico is a happy boy now that he is with is herd.

Pedro is the leader.

Pedro and Ruby share a lot of meals. Ruby has had many jobs- race horse, polo pony, brood mare, riding horse. She's ready for a nice retirement.

Bobbie is fitting in nicely with this herd. She can be bossy, but has found her own spot.

Daisy likes her Levi. She is content as long as he is near.

The squash on the little hill seem to believe the old saying Bloom where you are planted.

Star, Belle and Charles always look forward to their morning grain.

The roosters don't want to be left out.

The little hen says, "The roosters may crow, but the hens do all the work."
Thanks to everyone who makes Home At Last a real sanctuary for the critters.