Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rescues Continued

There are so many aspects to having a successful rescue.
We went about it backwards. We became a rescue without thinking much about it. The need was there and we started taking equines. We were up to 20 or so when a friend suggested we become a non-profit. It's not the way we would recommend others do it.
One should think clearly about why one wants to have a rescue. Loving horses is not enough. There has to be a well thought out plan as to what you want and what you can afford.
AHA!!! Afford becomes a major component. Money does not come rolling in just because you are doing a good thing. Many rescues are having an extremely difficult time because money is tight.
You must decide how much it costs per month, per year, per horse, then add some. Feed and medical expenses are always more than planned. If you have a basic budget you won't be so shocked when reality hits.
You must have a reserve to cover the surgeries, special feeds, etc that always occur. You must be ready to spend your own money to keep things going. We have known rescues who take loans on their houses, only to loose everything. You must be realistic.
It's best to start small. Do what you can do comfortably until you get a good support basis. Remember the starfish story about the little boy throwing starfish back into the sea. A man tells him that there are too many starfish on the beach and he can't make a difference. As the little boy throws them back into the water he says, "It made a difference to that one." If you can make a difference to one animal it matters.
Money is difficult to come by. There are gracious and generous folks out there who want to help, but you must reach them with compelling stories. Make friends with the press, the feed stores, the western clothing stores, veternarians, other rescues. Learn all you can about what it is you are thinking about doing.
More later.
Yesterday we helped clean up after an estate sale. Items will be at the Thrift Store soon. Stop by and see what good things there are.
It's hot when we get up. Hot when we do chores. Hot when we don't do chores and hot when we go to bed. Did I mention it is hot?
Volunteer day today 10-2.
Friday is our day for you to vote for us to win a Toyota.
The fly mask you have sent are being enjoyed by many equines. Thank you.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thoughts on Rescues

Many of you have asked some great questions. Some we can answer. Maybe some of you will have answer the others.
First of all to rescue means to save. Sounds plain and simple, but it is not. Rescuing involves so much more and there are many kinds of rescues needed.
(1) There are those who rescue herds. Their intent is to make sure the herd is protected.
Take for example Madeline Pickens who set up a large preserve for the wild horses. That is a true herd rescue. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is not a rescue. Their name says it all. They manage land, not animals. They remove animals from the lands they are managing, and they do not care for the welfare of the herd. Look at the tactics they use in removing the animals, penning the animals and the requirements once you adopt the animal. No, animal welfare is not their concern.
There are other large herd "rescues" all over the country and I'll leave it to you to decide which are true rescues and which are just money makers. We'd love to hear about the good ones.
(2) There are rescues who rescue, rehabilitate, retrain and rehome. Many of these are wonderful places. They truly have the animals' welfare at heart. We are proud to be associated with one of these -HorsePlus Humane Society- once Norcal Equine Rescue.
These folks rescue and care for all animals. They have high standards for the animals' care. Their facilities are animal friendly and their adoption policies are strict.
They try to place the animals in the best homes, but when an animal is badly injured, unplacable or no home can be found after a long stay, then the animal is humanely and kindly euthanized This is not cruel nor insensitive. This is not done without great consideration. This is the result of owner irresponsibility. There are just too many horses- too much breeding. There are abused, starved and untrained animals. There are sweet, kind animals who are just too old for most people who want a "useful" animal.
(3) There are rescues who rescue and then provide permanent sanctuary to animals. This is what Home At Last does. We do not rehome. Once an animal comes here they are truly home at last. We believe in quality of life whether it be for one month or a years of care. The animals' needs come first.
(4) There are hoarders who believe only they can care for an animal. They collect more animals than they can care for. (The crazy cat lady is an example). The animals suffer because there are just too many of them in one place. Every rescue must carefully watch that they don't take more than they can care for. Home At Last is nearing our limit.
(5) There are folks who call themselves rescues who may even have a legal non-profit status, but they are horse traders. They get horses for a low price or even free, "train" the horses, then resell them. The difference between them and a legitimate rescue is that the animals are not properly cared for, not fed correctly, not under a vet's care who will evaluate the horses' needs, and not properly housed Lame horses are given pain meds to make them appear healthy. The sale is what is important, not the horse. If you have one of these near you, do everything you can to shut them down. Horses suffer.
More later.
News from the sanctuary. Tomorrow is volunteer day. Love to have the happy helpers here. We'll go to another ranch to care for two of our fostered ponies and help the good people there.
Today after our regular chores we will go to an estate sale and pack all the unsold items. It is supposed to be 100 + degrees in Chico where the sale is being held. These items are then donated to the Thrift Store 611 Walnut Chico. We will deliver them on Tues as the store is closed Mon. and our Sunday is full.
Our newest horse is fitting in so well, as is Teddy. Everyone is knee deep in hay and looking shiny. Even our thin ones have a glossy coat. Every horse is under Dr Darling's care.
The goats, calves, dogs and cats don't seem to mind the heat. They find a shade tree, a cool spot under the porch or a damp place in the garden and snooze the day away. The chickens and guineas are less happy with the heat, but have dust nests in their pen. The morning glories and beans are climbing the trellises and making even more shade for them.
We, however, start grumping about the heat as soon as we get up. I'll admit I'm ready for the cool, cold and rainy weather. Though I'm a California born type, the sun has stepped beyond its limits. Hey there, big guy, turn it down a bit.
Well, Jim is hungry as is the herd. Think good thoughts today about all those who help others-be they people or animals. Do one random act of kindness and tell no one.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Short Blog

Dr Darling our vet was here today. We did the hard evaluations on the critters we are most concerned about. Several of the animals on last time's Watch List have done very well. Rosie, Moon Dancer and Babe are holding their own. Sadly, Tess, Callie, Jonathan, Star and Tiger Lily are not doing so well. Even though they have more than enough to eat and have large, full bellies, their hips are thin and the food they are eating is not being well processed.
It is wonderful to have a vet who cares for and treats our animals as though they are million dollar show horses.Watch Animal gets the best care, love and respect. Thank you, Dr D for adding dignity to their lives. Not all vets feel that way about rescues.
AnnaBelle does indeed have a cleft palate. It is deep in her mouth and throat and will be a risky surgery, if it can be done at all. Dr D will check with other surgeons and give AnnaBelle the best treatment she can get. It is a certainty that someday she will get food in her lungs and get pneumonia and that she will choke. She's managed so far to do OK and we want her to have the best possible life. She also got her teeth floated and her vaccinations.
Our Newest Arab boy had his feet trimmed the other day and today got his teeth floated and sheath cleaned. He is about 30, thin, but full of life.
When AnnaBelle and Our Newest were taken away from the backyard herd, the herd all stood at the fence nickering and waiting for them. What a welcome they got when they sobered up.
Time to feed.
Thought for the day or tomorrow- Not All Speech Has Value.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is It Tuesday???

Our newest arrival came yesterday. He's an older Arabian who is a real lover. We put him in the upper herd, but that only lasted one day. Today he is in the back yard with all the rest. I think that makes 20 in the back . We have a garden of equines.
He loves everyone, except at food time. Then he only loves Callie, Rosie and AnnaBelle.
Dr Darling will be here on Thursday and there will be check-ups all around.
The mama Banties had abandoned a chick. I brought it in, made it a toasty bed in a box and kept it in the bathroom. Rice in socks were heated as were wash clothes to keep it warm. Eyedropper feedings were frequent, but the little one died today. Life is precious. Even a little chick's.
Teddy continues his ramblings. The whole back yard herd gets along remarkably well.
Feeding time does involve some shoving, pushing, squealing. and an occasional kick. For the uninitiated it can be a dangerous time. We only let a couple of people who have been with us a long time help with this chore. They know where to be and not to be.
Looking forward to Larry from Wilson's Worms to get here and remove the manure and straw. That should help with the flies.
Sunday is volunteer day. We are going to another friend's house. They foster two ponies. They also raise Gypsy Vanners. Should be a great day.
Sat Aug 6 from 10-2 we will be at Oroville Tractor Supply Company. It is their Pet Appreciation Week. Teddy will be our ambassador. Come on out to Feather River Blvd. and say Hi.
Have you visited the Thrift Store yet? This Sat we are going to get some more wonderful things for the store. Don't miss out. 611 Walnut Chico. Closed Mon.
See us on FaceBook under Donna Kyle or our website

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Party's Over

Yes, it's true. Teddy's barn party is over. He moved all the way to the back fence today and stayed there through dinner. Oh, everyone who is anyone was in the barn this morning, but after breakfast, the party animals migrated uphill.
Fly masks were put on to see if they could recognize each other. They did. Even old Jonathan pattered along behind.
The 4 Bantie hens who were watching over the one lonely chick abandoned it today, so we brought it in the house. It is in a box with a heated rice bag, a nice towel,and a warmed washcloth in Jim's bathroom. I smooshed some chicken food with Jim's flash light-don't tell him, then pretended to peck the food with my fingernail (the only one I have) and the little thing ate some. I eye droppered it with some water and tucked it in for the night.
Frankie was really funny this morning. While I was filling the 5 tubs outside of Quest's pen, he came over to help. He drank out of each tub as I filled it. He'd wait patiently until I moved the hose, then he'd drink out of the tub with the running water. He tolerates being squirted and has kept his fly mask on all day. Usually, he has it off in 10 minutes.
I love spell check. It always highlights my favorite words. This time they were smooshed and droppered. There! It did it again.
Summertime chores seem to take so long. Is it because there are more chores or because the days are hot and lazy and nobody moves very fast? I think more chores. More watering- animals and garden. More manure removal. More fly swatting. More mosquito larvae scooping. More horse hosing.
Thank you Naomi J for your donation.
Tomorrow the new horse comes. Wonder what he'll be like? Hope he fits in with the upper herd. Will try him there first.
August 3-7 is Pet Appreciation Week at all Tractor Supply Companies. We will be taking Teddy to the Oroville Store on Sat. Aug 6 from 10-2. Stop by and see us. We love our local store. They are so supportive of Home at Last.
Now spell check won't work. I think double smooshing did it in.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Teddy's Place

Theodore the Thoroughbred has made himself at home. He arrived Tuesday, placed by a loving owner. At first, Teddy was with the lower herd, but that didn't suit him, so he moved to the backyard. Actually, he loves the barn. He also loves Callie and Juan the mules plus Jonathan the donkey.
He throws the greatest parties. Every time we look for the horses, they are in the lower barn hanging out with Teddy. This afternoon Marnie, Tess, Amira, Jonathan, Jessie, Jenny, Dobbin, Maggie, Posey, Sugar and Bucky were all partying there. Frankie, Moon Dancer and AnnaBelle did not RSVP so they were elsewhere. It was so cute.
This afternoon we had a call from Animal Control. Someone had reported that our horses had nothing to eat but dirt. They knew it wasn't true, but needed to make a visit. We welcomed them and told them to thank the people who had turned in the report. We told them we wanted folks to report anything they saw anywhere. It's all about the horses. If more people would do that fewer animals would suffer.
We also really appreciated that Animal Control would follow up. They had a great suggestion for our evacuation plan. Put on the fence and in their files the emergency numbers and our disater plan for the sanctuary. That way if disaster strikes and we can't get home they will have a plan to follow.
Butte County is lucky to have such professional caring people in their Animal Control Department. Thank you, Amber and Brian.
Of course, there was plenty of food and water for everyone. The ground is bare. No weeds nor plants, but food everywhere.
They saw the thin horses, heard their stories and knew that they are under Dr. Darling's care. They met several of the critters and even got kisses from Julian calf.
If everyone would report any suspicious care and if every animal control department would be so responsive there would not be so many abused, neglected or starved animals.
We also had a scam email from someone saying that our Toyota entry had been picked and that we had won one million dollars. All we had to do was send certain information to the Toyota Company in China. Toyota in China? I don't think so. Any way I'll notify the police tomorrow. Couldn't get through to the Toyota dealer here. Hope no one in the contest falls for this scam. Beware, folks. there are creeps out there.
Had garlic fries with dinner and am feeling the need for a big drink of water. Good night, Thursday. You have been quite interesting.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Took granddaughter Beth to the airport so she can return home in Denver.
This afternoon we moved several horses back to the upper turnout. They are not happy about it, but there were just too many in the back yard. It was not safe. Stuart, Skittles, Frankie, Moon Dancer and AnnaBelle joined Rosie, Pedro, Rico, Tawny, Tango and Toby.
Tomorrow we will be up early. Jim will load the hay for me, then he'll start the never ending job of fence fixing. I'll feed, water and do the outside chores. Always try to find outside things to do, but the inside does need some attention.
Be sure to get ready to vote for us for the Toyota. Voting will be in early August. Watch Home At Last Thrift and Gift's webpage and FaceBook page. Also, be sure to send items for the Thrift Store and plan to do your school shopping there.
They have a darling buggy someone donated. Check it out.
Love hearing from folks who have shared their beloved pets with us. Thank you Christine, Ursula, Walt, Jean and Ruth for your support. It means so very much to us and to the horses.
Do you know Thumper's rule? If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. I really try to follow that. I do. But sometimes I find that around some people I am very quiet.
I am 67 years old. Sometimes when folks ask, it seems I am old, but other times not so very old. When asked if Jim and I do all the daily chores by ourselves and we say "yes" people seem to think we may be too old to do that. I guess since we are still doing it, we are not too old. Some of my good friends are in their 80's and they still do amazing things. I hope in my mid 80's folks are still asking if we are caring for the critters by ourselves.
The days have been wonderful-warm but not too hot. Love it!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Today Home At Last Sanctuary had three sets of visitor. First was our neighbors and new friends Pat and Chuck with their grandchildren. When you live in the country even someone who lives three miles away is considered a neighbor. Then came Rina and her girls. Soon thereafter our dentisit Dr Ron Wilson and his family came.
Everyone got to meet horses, donkeys, mules, goats and calves up close and personal. Our animals are so sweet and loving that they give warm welcomes. Who can resist a goat snuzzle or a long calf kiss? Even old Jonathan let folks pet him. Dobbin stayed right in their hip pocket and Frankie got jealous when Stuart got brushed. He stood as close as he could so he could have his turn.
We had Frankie and Moon Dancer in the upper turnout but they were very unhappy there, so out they came this morning. Our back yard is jammed with critters, but everyone seems very happy.
In the back yard are Callie and Juan mules, Jenny, Jessie, Jonathan and Dobbin donkeys, Gracie the mini horse, AnnaBelle and Bucky ponies, Maggie mini mule, Sugar and Posey mini hinnies, Stuart, Skittles, Frankie, Moon Dancer, Tess, Amira and Marnie horses. Yep 19. It does get a little hectic at feeding time but each one is so loving and sweet we don't like to be away from them. So are all the others, but I guess 19 is enough (in the back yard anyway).
We walked down to the lower well where Jake, Tucker and Navajo made a special trip over to say Hi. The others were still finishing breakfast. They acknowledged us, but kept on eating.
Going to friends for dinner so we will feed a little early and then have a relaxed evening.
Thank you Christina F for your continued support. Your generosity makes it possible for us to care for the herd.
The dragonflies continue to make the ranch magical as they dart and swoop everywhere. The polywogs are morphing into teeny tiny frogs and occassionally the big ole toad appears. We have lizards by the gazillions and many birds. Even Maven and Cliff Caven Raven have been stomping around the back. Our place is alive, busy and peaceful.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I have lots of patience. Tons of patience. In fact patient friends get impatient with me because I'm so patient. My patience was (were?) tested today at the DMV. I don't know about other states, but California is really suffering from the bad economy and the state offices suffer even more.
So in I went at 9AM and 2 hours later got to go to the counter. I had only one question- How much would it cost to register a truck whose registration paper I had but we had not yet purchased because we didn't know how much the registration would be. I was told I don't answer questions. Huh? I thought he was joking so I asked again and was told he wouldn't give me the information until I had the title or bill of sale. Thinking he might be trying to tell me without breaking any rules I said"How much would it approximately cost to register a truck similar to this one?" Again"I can't answer that unless you have the title or bill of sale."
I walked out frustrated and really impatient with the whole set-up. I had made notes during my two hour wait on how often the clerks got up, walked to the back room, wandered over to visit with another clerk. We could hear them talking. It was not business. At first I thought maybe it was just me, but looking at the notes I realize there was a definite work slow down. The 35 people waiting in line and sitting in chairs were of no real concern to the clerks. The lady with the two kids hitting each other, crying and then being jerked around by mom didn't help either.
The real entertainment came when a new person took a number, looked at it, then looked at the number being served. The variety of expletives were interesting, but not real creative. The looks were priceless. I was #236 and when I walked in they were serving #189. Only one clerk was working at that time.
Enough!! Won't go back unless I have to. They didn't even have a cafeteria, or taco wagon or a vending machine.
This morning at 6:15 we got a phone call from a lady, Tina, who had rescued a really thin horse. We were able to help her with ideas on how to try to put some weight on the horse. She has decided even on her very limited income to help this poor creature. If you can help Tina please, call her at 530-693-4399. Even $10-15 a month would allow her to give this horse a chance. She'd also like to have some suggestions for a name.
It's kind and caring people like Tina who make the world a better place.
Early afternoon we got a call from someone who wanted a pony. Since none of our animals are sold or rehomed we were glad to recommend HorsePlus as a place to check for a pony.
Aaron the farrier came today and several horses got a hooficure. Little Sugar really needs one, too, but she ran the three of us in circles until we were exhausted. I'll try trickery tomorrow.
Then Anna and Michael brought a pizza and 2 ice creams and we had a good dinner together.
It's been a day that makes me glad that our critters are here. The nickers, hugs and love looks make the bad things disappear. I can feel the well of patience refilling. (But I hope it's not tested for a while yet).

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dragonflies, Sunflowers and Zucchini

Now I know if I want to have pictures on the blog I'll have to pay for them. Checking into other options.
Use your imaginations some more.
There was a dragonfly hatch today and we were showered with hundreds of rainbow colored beauties.
Many sunflowers have acknowledged summer and have bloomed. The little birds who love their leaves have left enough for the flowers to explode with their vibrancy.
And what would summer be without those prolific green veggies? We now have a basket full of zucchinis. Had some for dinner. Mmmmm.
The garden has gone wild again. We have a Darwinian theory that it is the survival of the fittest. Several fit fellows have taken over. Lots of tomatoes, not yet ripe and even an eggplant or two.
Had a nice visit with a new friend today. See you Tues., Kelly.
Jim got a truckload of hay (2 days worth) and will go back with the trailer soon.
I visited friends Lin and Darell. Sparkle, Ruby, Bobbie and Jesse are fat and shiny there. They have some pasture and lots of good hay. Foster parents are wonderful. Lin had an unexpected visit to the hospital and I did a little ironing for her. Feel better soon, Lin.
Last night I sprayed Juan and Callie's legs with fly spray. Nothing seems to do much good. I wrapped Juan's legs with vet wrap to keep the flies away for a while. He was appreciative.
Don't forget to visit our website and see us on FaceBook under Donna Kyle.
Have lots of unexplained, itchy bites. Jim keeps saying "bedbugs," but they aren't. Maybe a wild and wayward spider is loose. Anyway they itch and they are not all in scratchable places. Maybe I'll go out with the horses and find a good branch to rub on.
We are boycotting Subway and Nike because they have Michale Vick as their spokesperson. No way does Home At Last support anyone who has harmed animals.
Love this cooler weather. How about you?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Saturday we spent the day in San Francisco. What more can I say? The bushman jumped about and scared folks. We ate great food. Went through the aquarium-lots of good sights there. Nibbled in Chinatown and came home tired and in need of critter time. Thanks to Laura, Linda and Brian who fed for us. It's wonderful to have folks you can rely on.
Sunday I had a horrendous migraine all day. Sympathy to all sufferers of that. Seldom do I get headaches, but this was a doozy.
Today it's back to regular, peaceful, busy and rewarding life on the sanctuary. We love the cooler weather. It was not too bad for Jim who had to replumb the upper tank with the help of Rico and Marnie. They had endless questions. What's this? What's that? Can I eat it? Can I hold it? Can you rub my back? Can you pet my nose? Can I get in the pump house? Oh look! A frog . Can I play with it? Finally, I got some hay for the upper bunch and they left him alone. Of course, the others behind the house wanted hay, too, but they'll have to wait until tonight.
Writing midday still feels weird, but my paradigms are getting stretched.
Frankie will not keep on a fly mask. He usually has it off before I make it to the gate. He, also, got a lesson in behavior from Stuart.
Stuart and Skittles are in the back yard now, and Frankie thought that maybe Stuart needed to see who was bigger. True Frankie is a good 17 hands high and Stuart is about 14.2. And Frankie does have a BIG horse attitude. Stuart is a Kiger mustang and decided Frankie could learn a lesson, too, so when Frankie snaked his head at Stuart, Stuart merely turned his rump to him and lifted a hind foot. Lesson over. New respect for the smaller guy. Now peace reigns again in the back yard.
Thanks, Cathy S for your continued support. We need and appreciate it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Imaginings

Honey cat loves to sleep on my lap, head under my chin, kneedy feet where ever she can put them. We put a soft blanket on the top of the china cabinet-now a bookcase and Honey makes giant leaps from lap to top and back again.
The donkeys walk head to tail where ever they go. It's so neat to have Jonathan be part of the herd. Usually Jenny leads, then Jessie, Dobbin and finally Jonathan. They walk up the hill, down the hill, into the barn, out of the barn.
(Jim just asked me "What is it Tiggers do?" Do you know?)
The dogs have found their various cool places. Mac is under the breezeway, where it's nice and cool. As soon as the sun moves off the front patio, Zoe is on the bridge with her head in the small curb. Keecha often hops in the primordial swamp and sits with a big smile. Love stretches out in the breezeway, looking down through the slats at Mac.
Bucky pony continues his multiple personalities. He can be a donkey, a mule, an Oldeneburg and sometimes a Thoroughbred. You can see him change personalities as he morphs into something new. Sometimes he's just a silly pony romping all over. Nobody told him a club foot was a hindrance.
Don't know about your place but Yankee Hill is HOT!!!!!
I have a paradigm that blogs should be written at night at the end of the day, but by the time we get in from feeding 8:30-9 PM it's too late, so I am stretching to do afternoon blogs. It seems very weird.
Paradigms are funny things. They make you think inside the box. Breaking them can open a whole new world. Blog in the afternoon. Grey haired lady with a pony tail and shorts . (Boy, would my mom have had a hard time with that one). Women using weed whackers. Owning more critters than you can put in the car.
More later

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


When I taught Kindergarten I'd often tell the children that I was going to read a book to them, but not show them the pictures. They would have to imagine what they thought the story characters were like. Sometimes we'd read a page, then they would draw what their imaginations would tell them.
Since Blogger won't let me add pictures, you'll have to use your imagination to picture some of these funny scenes.
Frankie broke a water pipe, drained 3000 gallons of water from the tank before we realized what happened. He was standing in the huge mud puddle, as happy as a grey white horse could be in gooey black mud. He tried to help Jim fix the repair in the 105 degree heat, but was not welcome.
Posey the mini hinny needed a good roll. She started at the top of the little hill in the backyard and slid all the way down on her back. It was so much fun that the roly poly little girl did it again and again.
Levi was helping Jim fill the water trough by sticking his nose in the running water and begging for a good bath. He got one.
A jack rabbit ran past Keecha, Love and Zoe dogs. I thought for sure the poor bunny had lost it's mind and would probably be killed. Keecha was busy chasing shadows and couldn't be bothered. Zoe just sat and watched it zoom by her and Love who was digging a big hole looked over her shoulder and just kept digging. Those rabbit feet were really lucky,
Jonathan now follows us around to get neck massages. It took him almost a year to realize we were not bad guys who would hurt the poor old arthritic fella. He has a most unusual hee haw, even for a donkey.
Patches cat sat in front of the outside door that has glass in it and watched with amazement as a teeny little frog crawled all the way up. He'd turn his head one way, then the other trying to figure out what the funny little thing was. When the frog jumped, he jumped.
When we go out to feed there is a line up at the back fence that includes 4 donkeys, 2 big mules, 1 minimule, 2 mini hinnies, 1 mini horse, 2 ponies and 3 horses. The side fence has 3 mules and 7 horses. That doesn't count the other 8 turn-outs.What a musical greeting we get. And boy, do we hear about it if we are a little slow. Jim calls them Donna Groupies.
More imaginings later.
Thank you Eileen G, Holley Y and Mary R for your continued support. It's great folks like you who help Home At Last give sanctuary to so many horses, donkeys and mules. Thank you Marla for the hay.
Yesterday I was tired and grumpy, but Juan and Callie gave the needed mule hugs to make everything better. Can't imagine life without our beloved critters.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Well, Love and Keecha are the only ones allowed to upload. They find the coolest spot and laze away their days.

The hot Summer days are here and we are up early doing chores, then tucked away inside for the hottest part of the day.

Jonathan donkey now comes to the fence and waits for his treats. He let Jim give him a good neck rub then followed him around for more. He's quite thin and he refuses to be locked up so we can feed him more. The other day when I closed all four donkeys and Callie mule in the barn, there was such a caterwauling that I had to let them out. They hated being closed in, even if they spend the entire day in the very same spot. Oh Longears, you are so complicated.

Thank you, Marla, for the hay you donated. It is always so nice when folks help the animals at Home At Last.

Jim will hook up the hay trailer tonight after we feed, then leave early tomorrow to get there and back before the heat hits. Another 92 bales needed for the week.

Four die cast collectible 1/24 scale Sprint cars were donated and they are selling for $50.00 each. Call me if you are interested 530-514-1439.

Don't forget to visit our website and the Thrift Store at 611 Walnut Chico. Closed Mondays.