Friday, May 11, 2012

Return of the Blog...Sort of...

We've been off this blog for sometime now.  The new blog, that was part of our new webpage, decided to have an issue and doesn't function right now.  I will try to use this venue until the newer blog is repaired.  We'll see.  This has been a very challenging time for the sanctuary.  Winter was late, wet, and intense.  We're still working on repairing the damage.  Also, the demographics of the herd meant that we've faced a number of euthanasias recently.  That's always really hard.  We miss our old friends, even knowing that they were no longer enjoying life.  We still have more to ahead of us this year.  The efforts to gather the necessary funds for Dunny's eye surgery has been both uplifting and frustrating.  $5000 is a lot of money and it's going to take awhile to gather it up.  On the other hand, the days go by for us and for Dunny and we work to get donations and he still can't see.  The generous folks that have sent gifts lift our hearts.  The time it's taking is a test of our patience.  Oh Well!  We'll not give in or give up.  Dunny's eyes are just too important.  If this "make-do" blog will work, I'll try to get back to a regular edition.  Because it's no longer supported by our browser, I can't spell check or print pictures.  That will have to wait for the blog to get back into service.  Thanks again for all of your support, both financially and emotionally.  We sure appreciate it!

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