Tuesday, May 15, 2012


From Jim:  Yesterday was a hard day.  It was jam packed with things that had to be done.  It was Quest's time and that was really tough.  It was a day to celebrate the little ones from the school that came to learn about the sanctuary and about our critters.  There was a lot of hard work that had to get done so than the backhoe could get at the drainage work for the barn.  Many fences that had to get moved and rebuilt.  It was a school board meeting day-a chance to give back and insure that the kids would have a strong place to receive their education.  It was really OK when it came time to put our heads on the pillow.  And, today, we got up and got at the chores and took care of the herd-food and water and the odd pet or scratch or pat on the nose.  Banjo, in particular, needed his pretty face rubbed.  Juan asked to be in his "special" turn out, where he can spend his day eating and dozing in the shade of a big old oak tree.  The modified goat pen needed some shoring up, as goats tend to leak through fences.  Gotta love em!  It'll be a little cooler today.  That's a nice change.  The sky is glorious and blue and beautiful.  We're going to lunch with some really dear friends.  Life will flow along.  The art of being in the moment is always a work in progress.  Worry and regrets and second guessing are the thieves of our present.  We fret about the future and bury our now in the past.  It's easy to do and such a waste.  Life is about living and being in touch.  It's about standing on the edge, not leaning back or forward too much.  Our equine friends are so very good at sharing this with us. They accept what is and move forward.  Their days are filled with living.  They seek peace and know how to enjoy the content of their days.  Yep! Yesterday was a hard day and that's really and truly OK.  It was the day we had been given and we're grateful for it.  Hope your day is wonderful and peaceful and joyful!  Hope your heart sings!

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